Newborn Session Details


How much does a session cost?

Please click here for full details on pricing and packages:

When should I contact the Photographer to schedule the shoot?

ASAP!!! As soon as you find out your Due Date, contact me through my website by clicking the “contact” tab above.

How will we book the actual session?

You will include me on your list of important people to contact announcing the babies arrival (you must contact me within 24 hours to ensure a spot on my calendar within 14days); email, text, call whatever works best for you! I will schedule your session within the first 14 days of life, after you have been home a few days and settled in. It is best to do the photo shoot within this time frame so we can get him/her in those cute little poses!

What do we need to know before we come to the studio?

Expect the session to take between 3-4 hours, leaving room for feedings etc. The Baby runs the show so we’re on their time! I keep the studio very HOT for Newborns so dress accordingly. Keep baby as awake as possible before the session – bath time before you come can help for a good “awake time” leaving baby super sleepy after. Plan to feed baby once you arrive in studio so we have the best chance of getting baby sleepy right away! Dress baby in easy to remove clothing, not tight or with lots of buttons, keep the diaper slightly loose so there are as little lines on their bottom as possible ~ this way, if baby is knocked out we can easily remove the clothing (no onsie) and diaper without waking.

What about Sibling/Family/Parent Shots?

What to wear for the Parent shots? I suggest white solid tank-tops for Mom and white t-shirt for Dad, this keeps everything looking very natural and timeless leaving no room for fashion “faux paws” when you look back at these images in 30 years. I also have a collection of beautiful options for new Mothers to choose from which I will have available for you to choose from. Also, remember a change of clothes for yourselves in case there is an “incident”! If there are older Siblings that will be coming for some pictures with new baby, please remember that these sessions can take up to 4 hrs and attention spans can get short with little ones. I always suggest that we do the sibling/family shots first in this case so Dad or Grandparents can leave with the older kids while we focus on the newborn. It’s much easier on Mom this way as well as the baby, to relax and stay sleepy with no interruptions. I typically don’t like to spend more than 30min on Sibling shots to make sure we leave enough time to focus on baby. As for “what to wear” for the sibling shots, I also supply that so please don’t worry about running out to get an outfit.. I prefer a very natural, raw and fresh look so I have everything.

What should I bring?

PACIFIER!!! This is very important whether you plan on using it or not, it helps transition baby from position to position – if you’re not a fan of the pacifier, throw it in the garbage on the way out of my studio. Extra diapers, extra bottles for formula babies, change of clothes for both Baby and Parents (you never know what might happen!)

Do I need to bring Props/Accessories?

I have plenty of accessories/props for both boys and girls that I hand pick specifically based on my style of Newborn Photography. I always keep things fresh and continually order new items for my work. As an artist/photographer I do have a specific style and taste that I like to stick with, if you booked with me than chances are you like it! If you have a family heirloom etc. I am MORE than happy to use it for your photos.


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